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As a company which has produced over 500 projects for more than 100 large and medium scaled companies in 30 main sectors for a period of over 20 years, we offer the services of online software development and communication design on the subjects which are mostly needed by our clients.


Digital Strategy & Consultancy

We create effective digital strategies for our clients to take advantage of rapidly growing and emerging digital media. We also provide consulting services about where use of digital technologies, how to communicate and deal with the digital media. E-Business, competitor analysis, brand & marketing strategies, user experience design, usability & accessibility reports...


Web Application Development

We assign highly skilled and specialized web developers as a user interface developer, a ria application (flash/silverlight) developer and a software application developer to our every web project team. We build websites or web applications that align with your business goals, with careful consideration given to information architecture, functionality, interactivity and accessibility. CSS, XHTML/HTML (compatible with W3C standards), Flash/Flex ActionScript, Silverlight, Javascript, AJAX, XML, ASP.NET, SQL technologies...


Exclusive Web Design

We approach web design not only as decorative items on a website, but also as a means of communication and problem solving. In our opinion, professional web design involves an understanding of the relationship between brand, product/ service and most importantly, the needs of users. Moreover, we effort to differentiate your e-business from rivals either superior features or well presented products/services.


Content & Document Management

With our CMS (content management system) tools called CreatorCMS, we can make building and managing web content, documents and digital assets easy for our clients. We provide the tools you need to maximize the potential of your website and create a powerful customer experience. With comprehensive marketing, collaboration and communication modules, CreatorCMS provides a robust platform on which to manage all of your online initiatives.

E Mail

E-mail Marketing

We provide email marketing solutions assisted by our powerful application named CreatorMAIL to our clients in operating efficient without wastage or loss of time. We keep customers/members/prospects of our clients loyal with email marketing by using attractive, professional-looking email communications to stay in regular touch with them and build strong customer relationships.


Customer Relationship Management

With our application called CreatorCRM, we use our expertise and technical skill to extend the reach of your CRM to provide you with a flexible, cost-effective foundation for a complete view of your business operations. We tailor and integrate your CRM solution to meet specific requirements across all areas of your business including sales, marketing, procurement, finance, customer service and operations.


Business Process Management

We create enterprise-wide collaboration solutions, based on CreatorBPM (business process management), that are easy to maintain, scalable and increase revenue and efficiency across your organization. We develop integrated web applications for other legacy systems like Sharepoint, SAP and Oracle when necessary.

E Commerce


We design and develop large scale, functionally rich and fully integrated Ecommerce solutions based on the powerful CreatorSHOP platform. We deliver tailored Ecommerce websites easy and open integration with merchant, fulfillment and other legacy systems.


Flash Animations, Advergaming & Other RIA Tools

We design flash animations and advergames for brands of our clients to increase awareness, reveal differences and draw attention. In addition we develop RIA (rich internet applications) tools such as e-guide, e-demo, e-card, streaming video, live chat and realtime data monitoring.

Seo Sem

SEO & SEM (Search Engine Optimization & Marketing)

We design and develop large scale, functionally rich and fully integrated Ecommerce solutions based on the powerful CreatorSHOP platform. We deliver tailored Ecommerce websites easy and open integration with merchant, fulfillment and other legacy systems.


Content Creation & Updating

Content is tremendously important to attract and retain customers. We have all the tools you need to create and maintain a rich content site (and to have your customers participate in that content creation). If you like, we have a staff of writers and designers that can help write and manage content for you depending on your needs.


Social Media Marketing

With the social media marketing services, we aim to put you in a position to tap into the two-way conversation naturally happening between you and your customers. Our services are designed to show you where people are talking about you, the areas where you can best get involved, and the tactics you should use to help increase brand awareness.

Work Process

Here are all the standard processes applicable for the services we offer to our clients.



A meeting that includes expectations and offers an environment to state goals to be achieved and to determine the specific needs on the basis of mutual introduction is conducted at the beginning of our business process. Following the assessment meeting to be conducted by us, a detailed proposal which includes proposals and process in the form of a project plan is submitted.



Upon formalization of the decision of launching the project; another meeting during which technical specifications and claims to be determined by the client are shared and the project is discussed in detail. The main project is prepared in compliance with the decisions made and it is managed online.



During this process, communication design and software design are carried out process parallel to each other. After forming the diagrams and algorithms that are necessary to clarify the claims determined in addition to the ready-framework software, user interface designs are also completed during this process.



In accordance with the approved design documents; xhtml, css, actionscript and javascript coding is carried out for user interfaces and the ASP.NET-based C# coding is also carried out for the actual software to be run by the server on the server-side. By entering the web page content - if there are any -, the manufacturing stage process of the business is completed..



The business is checked in the online environment together with the client. Server connection information is obtained and the installed application is run via remote access. A test is carried out for debugging purposes. Finally, the project is handed over after stating the necessary warnings about probable problems.

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